Monday, May 24, 2004

nerd alert

So someone just mentioned to me that scientists are currently thinking the
Earth's magnetic poles are going to switch sometime in the next couple
thousand years and it made me think of my freshman year astronomy class
where we learned that the sun's poles swap every 11 years or so. We also
learned that in the years leading up to the switch, the sun's surface
becomes considerably more active (solar flares, etc...) This leads me to
wonder if the increasingly extreme weather we are seeing here can be at
least partially attributed to the pending shift in magnetic poles?
Perhaps something like "The Day After Tomorrow" will actually happen
sometime in the next few thousand years as we closer to the switch?

Sorry - I'm a science nerd.


Anonymous said...

That must have been someone very smart to mention that.

P T R said...

In honor of this post, I'll be switching my own "poles". That's right, pants/undies on my head, shirt/jacket covering my nether regions. Happy "pole switching" day!