Wednesday, March 07, 2007

stupid rant of the day

I am not a short person. I will readily admit that, at some times in my life, my pants have been pushing the limit of socially acceptable length. I've never been asked if I'm expecting a flood or anything, but it's hard to find pants that fit when you're a female but are the height of an average male (look it up - average American male is 5' 9.5"). I am forever grateful the people in the fashion industry who finally realized that there are tall women out there who live on a budget and, as a result, started selling pants in "long" sizes at stores where I can afford to shop. I really do appreciate that. Really.

What I can't understand is short people whose pants are too short. 99% of pants made for adults in this world would be too long, if anything - how is it that YOU managed to find the one pair of pants anywhere that doesn't even touch the top of your shoes? ...or are you just mocking those of us who have done a better job of overcoming gravity?