Thursday, May 27, 2004

5 mos....

After my last trip home, I worried that Colorado was ruined for me and I
had become a true North Carolinian... I wanted nothing more than to jump
on a plane back to NC and get back to my life when I was here for
Christmas... I don't know if that had anything to do with the stress or
what, but this time around I am fully enjoying my trip here.

It really makes me remember why I loved the spring here so much. I went
for a run this morning (okay, let's be honest - it was almost noon) and
was so distracted taking in the gorgeous sky and trees and weather that I
almost forgot to run! I could just lay in the grass and listen to the
wind and the trees and the creek forever out there...

As an aside, I've noticed Coloradans are REALLY bad at parking lot
driving! It's as if removing the lanes leads them (us) to believe that
there is no one else attepmting to get around. The quickest point is
definitely a straight line and God forbid anyone should put there cars in
the path of that straight line! It's very interesting what one notices
when one returns home after living somewhere else...

On the plus side, I'm rediscovering the wonders of the sidewalk. (You
mean you can walk next to the street without paralyzing fear of getting
run over?)

Okay, that was a lovely little ramble - I guess my brain's on vacation,

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

musings on home

As I landed at DIA today and the pilot announced that the current weather
was sunny and 74 degrees, a large grin spread over my face and I
remembered why I come back here every year. The hills are still green,
the tallest mountains are still snowcapped, the sky is an absolutely
gorgeous blue, and I can see for miles in any direction. The best part,
though, is the humidity is standing at a balmy 15% Ahhhhhhh home.

Monday, May 24, 2004

nerd alert

So someone just mentioned to me that scientists are currently thinking the
Earth's magnetic poles are going to switch sometime in the next couple
thousand years and it made me think of my freshman year astronomy class
where we learned that the sun's poles swap every 11 years or so. We also
learned that in the years leading up to the switch, the sun's surface
becomes considerably more active (solar flares, etc...) This leads me to
wonder if the increasingly extreme weather we are seeing here can be at
least partially attributed to the pending shift in magnetic poles?
Perhaps something like "The Day After Tomorrow" will actually happen
sometime in the next few thousand years as we closer to the switch?

Sorry - I'm a science nerd.

Friday, May 21, 2004

I'm dumbfounded

I just received an e-mail from my cable company to inform me of this:

I figure this can be taken two ways:
1) Now going to see a game in the middle of the day isn't necessarily
playing hooky - instead of telecommuting from home you can be
telecommuting from the game!!!
2) This is absolutely ridiculous - what possible need can there be for
taking your laptop to the game? People really need to chisel themselves
away from their e-mail for a couple of hours and enjoy a nice day outside
watching the game! ...says the girl who checks her e-mail 8 million times
a day during the week...

I think I will try #1 next week :)

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Anyone want to chip in?

A funny e-mail from my mom...

A lobbyist, on his way home from work in Washington, D.C.,
came to a dead halt in traffic and thought to himself,
"Wow, this traffic seems worse than usual." He noticed a
police officer walking between the lines of stopped cars,
so he rolled down his window and asked, "Officer, what's
the hold-up?"

The officer replied, "The President is depressed, so he
stopped his motorcade and is threatening to douse himself
with gasoline and set himself on fire. He says no one
believes his stories about why we went to war in Iraq, or
the worsening deficit and economy, or that his tax cuts
will help anyone except his wealthy friends. So we're
taking up a collection for him."

The lobbyist asks, "How much have you got so far?"
The officer replies, "About four gallons, but a lot of
folks are still siphoning."

...and we think US reality shows are weird...

I can only begin to wonder what they will show on the air every week... Will it be showing on Skinemax? After 11?

Because I'm a follower...

Well, everyone else is doing it, so I figured, what better way to spend my time than inundating the world with my idle wonderings... Prepare to be enlightened... (HA!)