Sunday, May 13, 2012

Training for a 100

As some/many (okay, let's be honest - only 3 people actually read this) already know, in a fit of Turkey-induced delirium, I signed up for the Vermont 100 last Thanksgiving.  SO I thought it might be fun to share a little of what I've learned over the past few months (and going forward into the actual race).  Today's topic will be funny things I've thought/said/noticed in the past few months.  I'm trying not to make this sound narcissistic, but I think I may have failed in a couple of spots.  Apologies if I come off as narcissistic.  Anyway, back to the topic at hand:
  • I now run at "Party Rock" pace (every day I'm shufflin')
  • Some days it's just mentally easier to tack 14 miles onto an already completed run than to face 30 the next day.
  • I've started taking the most boring route possible on training runs as a mental beatdown training
  • I can rationalize sleeping in and running later as "heat training"
  • Sometimes you have to cut a run short.  I had to do this yesterday because apparently my body did not want to run 35 miles whilst battling a cold.  So I disappointedly cut my run to 24 miles.  
I just really hope that I am able to regain a sense of what is normal and what is not after this whole adventure is over.


    Anthony Corriveau said...

    sounds like you're doing great. I had to cut my run short today and quit at 113 feet. Well, that is what my garmin said. I am logging it.

    Karen said...

    @anthony - sweet! was it barefoot?? Want to keep accurate shoe mileage as well...

    Anonymous said...

    You just improved my quality of life. Things I used to consider medial, stupid tasks I will now consider "mental beatdown training". - Shawn

    Karen said...

    hooray! See? it's all about perspective. Of course, this means you have to sign up for a 100 now.... ;-)