Friday, January 07, 2005

On behalf of the athletic department...

Okay, I know I sound like a big whiny baby here, but I think that we need some help here in Durham. Apparently there's something in the air or water here that makes tall, athletic men injury/illness prone. I guess I can understand now why Mike Dunleavy wanted to get out so badly (though I will still never forgive him for whoring himself out to the NBA when he clearly stated he would stay here and finish college...and I do get a small bit of satisfaction from the fact that he's not performing all that well...bad me!). Back to the matter at hand, though... We need big men!! The big men we currently have seem to be dropping at an alarming rate. It's like there's something in Durham that affects big men the way Coors field affects pitchers! There has to be someone out there (besides Shelden Williams, of course...knock on wood for his health) who can step in and help us out! Anyone? Hello?

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