Friday, September 17, 2004


Okay, I think I have a problem - I've become a huge weather nerd. I'm not sure how it happened. It started innocently enough - checking the weather every morning like a normal person so I could see what clothing would be weather-appropriate. Then I moved to North Carolina (home of the weirdest weather on earth) and the insanity began. First it was ice storms, then hurricanes, then more ice storms, rain harder than I've ever seen before (seriously - I don't understand how it can rain this much at once), more hurricanes. I think it started with the fear (Is that hurricane really going to hit us?) and then became fascination as I saw the predicted path change on a daily basis.

From there, I discovered that on weather underground (, they publish the results of hurricane tracking computer models, so I started checking those daily as well. Then I spent enough time doing this that I began to understand the forecast discussions they publish on the site... If that wasn't bad enough, I discovered that you can get up to date raw data sent from weather buoys scattered all over the world!!! I actually watched as hurricane Ivan passed by buoy 42040 (well, that one only delivers data on an hourly basis, but still...) It was so exciting!!!

Now I have a sort of strange attraction to The Weather Channel's Jim Cantore... I think I may need therapy!

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nine*poems said...

Wow. I'm a bit concerned! That's okay. I'm obsessed with my TiVo!