Thursday, September 23, 2004

pet peeve of the day

I'm on my way to meet my friend Mel for our usual Tuesday/Thursday morning run and, as I approach the light to turn into campus, I discover someone has pulled into the right lane and decided to go straight, preventing me (and all the people behind me) from turning. Now this is one of those roads that goes to two lanes about 150 yards before the light, so it's not like this person had been cruising in the right lane for miles and just happened to get to the light. No. This person made a conscious decision to get over. And it's not like this is an intersection where people turning right is a rarity - it's the fricking 7:40 in the morning. There's a steady stream of people turning right! Well, there's usually a steady stream of people turning right. Today, there was a big long line of people WAITING to turn right.

Seriously, folks - if you're coming to a somewhat heavily used intersection and you feel like you want to be in the right lane, please wait until after the light. You will have plenty of time to get over later.

Thank you.

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