Tuesday, August 03, 2004

prozac computer

Well, it seems my poor little sexually misunderstood computer has had a complete meltdown. It has become so upset and confused it refuses to even turn on now :( Actually, this first happened last Monday, so I sent it away to IBM to get it fixed and they sent it back saying it was because the time/date weren't set in the BIOS. Now, I admit I don't really know much about computers, but last time I checked, the computer actually had to power up to even get to the part where it discovers the time/date in the BIOS (which mine wasn't doing). Nonetheless, the little critter booted up when I brought it into work Thursday, so I did a little dance and thanked the IBM gods and went on with my life.

Today, however, the same thing happened and I would like to recount my conversation with my new friend Mohammed at IBM:
Mohammed: ..."the last time you sent it in, they determined the problem was your time/date weren't set in the bios. Are you still getting the time/date error message?"
Me: "The computer won't even turn on."
Mohammed: "Oh.... I think then you might have a bigger problem than the time and date."
Me (silently): "duh."
Me (out loud): "I think so too."
Mohammed: "I'll go ahead and send you a shipping carton today."
So now I have a bigger problem with my computer, but no one seems to be able to figure out what that might be. Hopefully, they will find it this time and I won't have to send it back again next week (though I will admit that having to spend part of the afternoon tomorrow at home waiting for the DHL man to pick it up isn't SO upsetting!)

Poor little laptop!

As an aside, HOORAY for IBM's warranty program!!! I don't have to pay for any of this!

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