Monday, August 01, 2005


So I was watching the weather channel this morning as I do every morning when an unfamiliar commercial appeared on my screen saying something about life depending on one more yard, etc... Intrigued, I stopped rummaging through my sock drawer to see where the story was going and was amused to find that the players on my screen were wearing little blue Duke helmets. I was even more amused when I realized the voice over was talking about the toughness and grit required to attack the gridiron, etc... Anyone who has watched a Duke football game in the last decade or so can appreciate the hilarity in this as watching Duke play is somewhat similar to going to a high school football game (and we're not talking about the state championship game, either...) The best part, however, was yet to come: Apparently, this year's motto or theme or whatever for Duke football is... (drumroll) BLUE COLLAR!!!!!

Duke. Blue collar. Seriously.

That ought to keep me going for awhile :)

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