Saturday, November 20, 2004

Beer musings

So I'm standing in the beer aisle at Kroger this afternoon, preparing to purchase roughly 8 cases of beer for the hash tomorrow ( and I had to laugh because I had the following internal dialogue:
"Hmmm...Busch Light is $11.99 and Bud Light is $ Bud Light really $2/case better than Busch Light?"
(answer: no - they both suck)
"...And why don't they have Yuengling in a can?" (answer: because they suck)
"...And where the heck to they keep the PBR?" (answer: they don't...because they suck)
"...And why is Icehouse so much cheaper than the others?" (answer: I don't know - I would prefer icehouse over Coors or Bud any day!)
"Should I splurge and get a case of Rolling Rock?" (answer: yes, but I don't know why)
"Who are they kidding thinking Coors Light is worth $16/case?" (answer: I don't know, but whoever it is has REALLY bad taste in beer)
"Should I get a 12 pack of Josef Hoffbauer just to be funny?" (answer: NOOOOO!!!! Josef Hoffbauer is a VERY BAD BEER!!!! It is never funny!!!! Besides - if I purcased it, they would make me drink it!)

The result of all this? 2 cases of Busch Light ($11.99 each), 2 cases of Icehouse (also $11.99), one 18-pack of Rolling rock ($11.99...still not sure why)... oh! and 20 lbs of flour :)

Have a hashy day!

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