Wednesday, July 21, 2004

poor computer

so my computer seems to be having a sexual identity crisis today...  I have my song list set on random at the moment and it keeps playing Melissa Etheridge then REM's "Everybody Hurts"...  Then it plays "Broken" and back to Melissa Etheridge!  I only wish there was some way I could make it feel better about the situation...   I love you computer!  Gay, straight, bi, whatever - I don't judge you my little friend!


nine*poems said...

My iTunes has that problem some times. Although it's a bit different, because on certain days it will play the "Mamma Mia" broadway show soundtrack every other song. I think it's really interested in showtunes.

P T R said...

My computer's gay too. It plays Prince all day.


(And, yes - my car stereo had it's "Coming Out" party long ago.)